CAP Debt Centre

With the close support of the Debt Centre Manager and a personal befriender, you will walk a journey out of debt. Three face to face visits will collect vital information, which is sent to CAP Head Office, where qualified Financial Advisors will create a sustainable budget. This will allow you to become debt free within a reasonable time. CAP will contact your creditors and agree how much you will pay them to clear your debts. You will pay CAP s monthly amount into your CAP Plan. CAP will then pay your creditors. The Ipswich Debt Centre serves all Ipswich plus the postcode areas IP6 and IP8.

The CAP Head Office is open Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday from 09:00 to 17:00, every week of the year.
Sessions normally take place in your own home
Initial contact starts with head office on 0800 328 0006. Once set up, contact is with Peter Watson in Ipswich.
Contact details
Peter Watson
07787 789 934
Supported and aided by the following organisations:-
Hope Church Ipswich
Burlington Baptist Church
Colchester Road Baptist Church
Bridge Church Ipswich
Mission Ipswich East
Vineyard Church Ipswich
St Augustines Church
Bethesda Baptist Church
Additional services are also available at this Hub:-