CYM has been in operation since 1983, working in various forms across our town. School Chaplaincy is currently the model for our School's Work. We have talked a lot over the years about finding more space and time to be with young people, and in particular building relationships. As of September 2016, we placed paid staff in a number of schools in Ipswich, providing a dedicated presence in the environment in which the young people spend most of their time. Our Chaplains work in the schools and their surrounding communities to provide spiritual and pastoral support to the young people and members of staff that they meet. They also look to link into the wider community with local churches. We believe that God's vision is to see this sort of work across Ipswich. We passionately believe that this change to our work will help to bring further transformation in the lives of children and young people in Ipswich. We have Chaplains in the following locations:- Chantry Academy, Westbridge Academy, Stoke High School (Ormiston Academy), St. Christopher's, Lindbergh & Parkside Academies, St. John's & St. Matthew's Primary School, Ipswich Academy, ONE 6th Form Centre, Ormiston Endeavour Academy, East Anglia Children's Hospice.

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Various schools across Ipswich
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CYM is supported financially by a large number of individuals and local churches via monthly or annual giving. This support makes the work possible.