FIND Food Bank

FIND is a Christian-based registered charity that was founded in 1990 to provide emergency assistance to families or individuals affected by poverty or dispossession. FIND befriends without judging and gives support to those in need. The charity started over 20 years ago by Maureen Reynel MBE has grown to be an essential support mechanism in the local community. When circumstances make a person homeless, all too often they can end up sleeping rough on the streets. This is a dangerous and traumatising experience. FIND aims to reach out to people in this situation, help them find emergency shelter and get the support they need. Our food bank fund targets work to establish and distribute food to people in need. This is a key part of the work of FIND.

Monday to Friday 8am through 5:30pm
Details available as part of the referral process
An official referral is required from one of the agencies listed at
Contact details
01473 833351
Supported and aided by the following organisations:-
Families In Need
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FIND is supported by a wide variety of organisations and individuals