Ipswich International Church are pleased to support the following projects:-
Together For Ipswich is helping coordinate the Ipswich response to the refugee crisis in Ukraine, by joining needs to resources.
Our mission is ‘to equip refugees and migrants with the language skills needed to integrate into the local community and culture’. We provide high quality lessons on Thursdays in term time, for students from Beginners to Entry Level 3. We have a creche for pre-school children and offer a free lunch to all students.
Route 2 Freedom is a recently established project to help those suffering from addictions, homelessness and other challenges find freedom from the past and an opportunity to be the people they were always meant to be. A number of churches in the Ipswich area are working together to develop the "Route 2 Freedom" project which aims to outreach to people, (often on the street), to introduce them to Church and to support them to access whatever specialised support they may need. There is a small team working to make connections with people in need and a number of them have very powerful testimonies of what God has done in their own lives. Everyone involved has a passion to see people finding freedom and having their lives transformed through coming to Christ and getting involved in the family of God in a local church. Funding is needed to support the outreach team and the supporting churches are seeking those who may be willing to give a small amount regularly to support the work of Route 2 Freedom If you are interested in outreach to some of those in our town in the greatest need, please consider giving to Route 2 Freedom and how you may be able to help. Please also let others know about this important project.